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With an impressive list of features that benefit you, your clients, and the event participants, our native apps for iOS and Android offer a fast, responsive user experience. Everything attendees need to be informed and up-to-date while getting the most out of your event is right on their smart phones – with or without an Internet connection.

See the App the South Central Association of Blood Banks and the California Blood Bank Society used for their 2015 Joint Meeting.

  1. Trade Shows & Expos
    Trade Shows & Expos
    Unlock new revenue streams by offering digital sponsorships to your exhibitors.
  2. Sales Meetings
    Sales Meetings
    Kick off sales meetings with an app that distributes information and engages your team.
  3. Associations
    Engage your membership with networking opportunities and ways to break the ice.
  4. Educational Conferences
    Educational Conferences
    Communicate your message with an app
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    Start by trying out our free demo. Simply download it and take it for a spin. Or contact us for a demo. We’re happy to answer your questions.
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    Send us your Event website URL and we will build a personalized demo for you to review.
  3. Have your app in 1-2 weeks!
    We build your app and submit it for publication. Event Apptitude helps launch your app by providing posters and email text for you to use in your event marketing.
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